[UPDATE] Call for Papers: Symposium on Temporality in Performance and Performing Arts, 18 June 2013

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International Vocal Arts Workshop, Jeunesses Musicales Croatia, Grožnjan
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Call for Papers

International Vocal Arts Workshop, Jeunesses Musicales Croatia
Symposium: JMC Cultural Centre, Grožnjan, Croatia, 18 June 2013

Papers: submit abstracts of up to 300 words to ivaw.groznjan@gmail.com by 20 May 2013.

Reflections: submit discussion topics to ivaw.groznjan@gmail.com by 10 June 2013.
(including Workshop participants)

Playing in Time: Temporality in Performance and Performing Arts

Performance takes place in time and space. This symposium seeks to focus on the intricacy of temporality in performance by inviting submissions that address this theme in its many manifestations. At the International Vocal Arts Workshop, artists grapple concretely with issues of music and time—experimenting with tempo and pacing, bringing times past and future into the present, and interacting time with the performance narrative as well as the performance venues in the village of Grožnjan. We invite you to explore the corroborations and tensions between temporality and these and other aspects of the performing arts. We welcome papers and reflections from a variety of disciplines including theatre, performance studies, aesthetics, musicology, ethnomusicology, anthropology, literature, history, sociology, psychology, cognitive sciences, and physics. Possible topics may include:

  • Immediacy and affect in performance
  • Time perception: subject time and objective time
  • Performing history in communities
  • Musical temporality in literature
  • Relationships between materiality and temporality
  • Sound, music, tempo
  • Synchronicity, simultaneity
  • Ephemerality and documentation of performance
  • Extemporization and improvisation in performance
  • Music composition and choreography practices, structure and form, architecture
  • Physics of sound, acoustics
  • Processuality, instantaneity, movement, and immobility

Decisions regarding the status of submitted proposals will be made and communicated via email as quickly as possible following the submission deadline, and certainly no later than 1 June for papers and 15 June for reflections.

Program Director: Jane McMahan (Barnard College, Columbia University)

International Vocal Arts Workshop
Jeunesses Musicales, Croatia