cfp: symposium The Everyday Production of Presence (‏Deadline: 5/25/13)

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Epp Annus/Nordic Summer University
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CALL FOR PAPERS (deadline 25 May, 2013):
Summer symposium "Heterologies of the Everyday: The Everyday Production of Presence". Nordic Summer University, research circle Heterologies of the Everyday, Ulsteinvik, Norway, July 29- August 5, 2013

"What is present to us... is in front of us, in reach and tangible to our bodies" (Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht). In relation to the still dominant Derridean critique of the metaphysics of presence, we investigate the sense of presence in the sphere of everyday activities. The everyday is a combination of fleeting affects and states of mind, but it also includes a relationship of immediacy to life. We consider the role of sensation in this feeling of presentness and we explore temporal relations in everyday experience. We welcome papers addressing different problems in the sphere of the everyday, including (but not restricted to) natural and built environments, cultural representations, entertainment, advertising, and human relations.

Please send abstracts (300-500 words) to the coordinator of the summer symposium, Epp Annus, by 25 May 2013 ( If you wish to participate without giving a paper, kindly send a short (150-300 word) description of yourself and your interests, also by 25 May 2013.

Participation fee (includes accommodation, all meals and shared activities, excluding excursions):
Single room: 5000 NOK (650 EUR)
Double room: 3150 NOK (410 EUR)
Three or five persons per room: 2400 NOK (310 EUR)
For accompanying children between 4 and 15 years on extra bed: 920 NOK (120 EUR)—this includes childcare
For accompanying children under 3 years in the parents' own bed or travel cot: Free (no childcare provided)
Participants from Nordic and Baltic countries are eligible for travel grants.

This symposium is organized by the research circle Heterologies of the Everyday, which is part of the Nordic Summer University network. This circle aims to address what is most relevant and unavoidably present for every human being: everyday existence. We analyse the experience of the everyday in its developments from the post-WWII period to the present era. This is an interdisciplinary project that works at the intersection of cultural studies, philosophy, literary criticism, art criticism, film studies, urban studies, anthropology, sociology and human geography. Our first symposium took place in Helsinki, Finland (March 2013) and focused on Everyday Aesthetics. The next symposium Everyday Moods, Affects and Attunements will be held in Estonia, March 2014.

The 2013 Summer Session of the Nordic Summer University will take place in a spectacular setting on the west coast of Norway at Sunnmøre Folkehøgskule Ulsteinvik. For more information, see: