UPDATE: The Ethics of the Human? Animal (12/10/06; SGES, 2/16/07-2/18/07)

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  Southwest Graduate English Symposium
  Arizona State University
  February 16 - 18 2007
  The Violent (Re)turn to Ethics?: Implications, Complications, and Situations
  The Ethics of the Human? Animal
  This panel looks to reconsider how cultural representations of animals function in terms of our understanding of human and nonhuman animals. How have representations of animals participated in the attempts to draw boundaries around the human, in efforts to define its mental, spiritual, physical, linguistic particularities, etc? What does it mean to talk about animal ethics? How does that ethic relate to non-animal ethics? As human and non-human life is transformed via globalization, how do animals serve as symbols within culture (both as representations and as living beings)? What kind of parallels might exist between the structures of oppressive animal treatment and the oppression of humans? How are animals involved (or not) in the rearticulation of questions of race, gender and class in the realm of transnational politics?
  Twenty minute presentations might focus on a specific work regarding representations of the animal, or sites of contestation regarding animal representation in the fields of literature, art, history, popular culture, composition and rhetoric, gender studies, philosophy, science and technology, music and theology. Because the theme of the conference is inclusive and interdisciplinary, it provides a locus for a dialogue while encouraging the creative connections across several areas of scholarship.
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