[Update] Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Asian American Culture

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Lan Dong
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Call for Contributors: Encyclopedia of Asian American Culture

This two-volume encyclopedia, to be published by ABC-CLIO, covers the broad roots of Asian American culture including living traditions, rites of passage, folk culture, popular culture, subcultures, and other forms of shared expression. The essays explore the commonalities and variation of cultural expressions and provide readers with rich detail about the historical, regional, and ethnic/racial diversity within specific traditions.

The essays range from 1,000 to 2,000 words, depending on the amount of material. Generally speaking, the essays cover: history and origins; regional practices, traditions, and artifacts; expressive forms in contemporary culture; and further reading. In addition, essays also include sidebars (100-300 words) that highlight interesting facts, including but not limited to: biographies of key participants, scholars, or other important individuals; artifacts (lyrics, sayings, advertisements, invitations, material culture, etc.); and events (descriptions of particular aspects of the tradition, costumes, rituals, participant roles, etc.). The deadline is December 31, 2013.

Please send inquiries to the editor:

Lan Dong, PhD
Associate Professor
English Department, UHB 3050
University of Illinois Springfield
One University Plaza
Springfield, IL 62703
Email: ldong4@uis.edu

Below is a list of available headwords.

Headword Target Word Count

Chinese American Visual Arts and Artists 1000
Chinese Calligraphy 1000

Asian Americans and Education 1000
Asian American Science and Scientists 1000
Chinese Americans and Education 1000

Cambodian American Children and Family 1000
Chinese American Community Organizations 1000
Chinese Language Schools 1000
Filipino American Children and Family 1000
Filipino American Community Organizations 1000
Japanese American Community Organizations 1000
Korean American Children and Family 1000
Korean American Community Organizations 1000
Vietnamese American Children and Family 1000

Cambodian American Immigration 2000
Korean American Immigration 2000

Asian American Folklore 2000
Asian American Food 2000
Cambodian American Folklore 1000
Chinese American Folklore 1500
Filipino American Folklore 1000
Fortune Cookie 1000
Fusion Cuisine 1000
Japanese American Folklore 1500
Japanese Tea Ceremony 1000
Kim-chee 1000
Lunar New Year 1000

Asian American (Auto)Biographies 2000
Bangladeshi American Culture 1000
Burmese (Myanmar) American Culture 1000
Laotian American Culture 1000
Malaysian American Culture 1000
Nepalese American Culture 1000
Pakistani American Culture 1000
Sri Lankan American Culture 1000
Thai American Culture 1000
Tibetan American Culture 1000

Cambodian American Religion and Beliefs 1000
Chinese American Religion and Beliefs 1000
Filipino American Religion and Beliefs 1000
Japanese American Religion and Beliefs 1000
Korean American Religion and Beliefs 1000
Pakistani American Religion and Beliefs 1000

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