Power and Solidarity: Representing Immigrants' Speech in Hispanic literature, April 4-6, 2014, NeMLA Harrisburg

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Gerardo Augusto Lorenzino
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The session seeks to bring together interdisciplinary research across various disciplines including, but not limited to, anthropological, sociological, and discourse approaches to the literary text. By focusing on the analysis of immigrants' speech in Hispanic literature on different genres, time periods and spaces, the session will raise interesting theoretical and methodological questions on the interpretation of literature as sociolinguistic data. Of particular interest, the adequacy, reliability and representational basis of literary speech varieties as indices for language choice, solidarity, power and identity will be highlighted as a way to throw light on the literary vis-à-vis linguistic representation of immigrants' speech in Hispanic literature. Papers on the intersections of power, solidarity and immigrants' speech's representation in Hispanic literature in the context of European immigration to Latin America during the 19th-to-early 20th century nation-formation period as well as the reversed globalization-driven migratory movement from Latin America to Spain will be considered. In addition, studies portraying literary immigrants' speech encompassing other demographic trends from Africa and Asia to Spain and Latin America as well as people's crossing of national borders in Latin America will be of interest as well. Thus, the word 'immigration' for the purpose of this session has a relatively lax historical and geographical interpretation in order to foster competitive submissions and attract a wider audience whose interests cross discipline and language boundaries.

Submission requirements: 300-word abstract
Deadline for submission: September 30, 2013