45th Annual Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA); April 3-6, 2014; Harrisburg, PA; Susquehanna University

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Maria Magdalena Olivares; Saint Mary's College of Maryland

Title of the Panel: Adaptations as (Re)Creations of Discourses in Latin American Theater and Cinema

Description: A recurrent trend in contemporary Latin American theater and cinema is the adaptation of myths, hybrid texts as chronicles, and fictional texts as novels and short stories. By focusing on the "new" reading that authors do of the adapted texts through the use of the theatrical and cinematographic features, their adaptations offer new meanings to the adapted texts and constitute original texts. Following Linda Hutcheon's approach to adaptation proposed in her book A Theory of Adaptation (2006), this panel explores the intertextuality among hybrid and fictional texts, and their adaptations as plays and films. Hutcheon states adaptation, as a form of intertextuality, involves not just formal relations of texts such as different modes of engagement with the story, shifts of mediums or frames (from telling to showing), but also implies political, social, pedagogical or personal reasons that compel the adaptor to contest, deconstruct or give a new meaning to the adapted text. By discussing how, why and for what playwrights and filmmakers deal and position themselves in the process and in the creation of the adaptation, the panel will visualize the adapted works as original works into new social, cultural and aesthetic conventions. This panel welcomes critical works on individual or a set of theatrical and/or cinematographic creations that stand out in other texts.

Please send 250 word abstracts in English, Spanish or Portuguese to María Magdalena Olivares mmolivareshenriquez@smcm.edu by Sept. 30, 2013.