Navigating the Online Classroom: A Roundtable Discussion (NeMLA Conference - Harrisburg, PA - April 2014)

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Kathleen McDonald, Ph.D. / Norwich University
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Amidst a city steeped in history, this session will focus attention on the future: online education. This roundtable aims to open the discussion to all of the productive possibilities that an online move can permit. This panel seeks scholars to discuss their experiences, good and bad, in online course work. Some institutions already offer many of their courses either as hybrid options or in completely online formats. Others utilize one of the many online supplements to a traditional course, such as Moodle, Blackboard, or Google Apps, as they attempt to capture the best of what the online world can offer without losing the best elements of a traditional classroom environment.

This roundtable seeks participants whose experiences can help to focus a discussion about how online tools / assignments have been or can be incorporated into the traditional face-to-face classroom model, used to augment that model in a hybrid format, or launched independently in a wholly online course. Both success stories (what has worked) as well as failures (what didn't work and why) are encouraged. We can all learn from both types of experiences.

Topics might include:
- For faculty used to being in the same physical space with students, what is lost? What might be gained?

- Can discussion board postings in literature courses replace in-class discussion?

- How do assignments change when being undertaken in the online environment?

- Pros and cons of going wholly online versus a hybrid

- The challenge to establishing a student's identity (how do we know she is who she says she is?)

Send 250 word abstracts to Kathleen McDonald at by Friday, September 20, 2013.