[UPDATE] Assessing Early Modern Anglo-Iberianism / NEMLA 2014

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NEMLA 2014, Harrisburg, PA
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As part of the recent Spanish turn to early modern English studies, this panel explores the various forms of literary, cultural, and economic exchange between England and Spain during the 16th and 17th centuries.

The early modern period in Europe witnessed the unfolding of various Anglo-Iberian tensions, including the debate over Elizabeth I's legitimacy, religious wars and reformation, military confrontation and the Armada, and trade disagreements over English privateering. At the same time, this period also witnessed the development of tangible and far-reaching signs of cultural mixing between England and Spain through such mechanisms as dynastic marriage, travel, translation, exploration, and commerce. This panel would consider more specifically how larger national debates, examined through diverse documentary sources, affected the lives and perspectives of people in both countries. Together, we will consider the following questions: How and where may we identify confluences of Anglo-Iberianism within the early modern period? In what ways did travel, trade, and commerce facilitate contact between these nations? What was the nature and extent of English and Spanish readers' access to each other's national literatures? How did the circulation of Spanish and English literature, art, and music across Europe impact the relationship between these countries? Did these national works foment cultural biases and/or stir resentment abroad? Finally, how much did English and Spanish citizens understand about each other? Are the effects of cultural mixing visible at a local level in the towns and hearts of everyday people?

In order to understand how and why culture crosses national borders, particularly during times of political turmoil, we welcome papers from both the Spanish and English perspectives, within the disciplines of literature, art, music, and history, which discourse on any aspect of cross-national contact between England and Spain during the Renaissance. Send 300-500 word abstracts to munoz.55@osu.edu

Deadline: September 25, 2013
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