2013 SAMLA Women's Studies Panel

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Robin Brooks
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The 2013 SAMLA Conference will be held in Atlanta, Georgia on November 8-10, 2013. The Women's Studies Panel is entitled "Contemporary American Women Writers: Confronting Changing

The last forty years have witnessed a number of changes in US political, social, and economic history. Some subjects that have been at the center of commentary, both popular and scholarly, include globalization, lifestyle/social class change, environmental degradation, religious discrimination, war, and civil/human rights. Increasingly, women's studies scholars have been examining the portrayals of such matters in the work of creative writers. This panel aims to further the discussion and explore contemporary political, social, and economic changes and their manifestations and/or influences on American women writers and their work. Particularly welcome are proposals that consider
the intersections of gender, race, and class in relation to these

In general, papers for this panel might examine 1) specific writers who embody these or similar matters in their works; 2) the engagement of women's studies with an increasingly digital and networked world (in keeping with the conference theme, "Cultures, Contexts, Images, and Texts: Making Meaning in Print, Digital, and Networked Worlds"); or 3) broader issues in women's studies. Possible questions for consideration: How are lifestyle and social class changes reflected in recent literature? What images of environmental activism exist in fiction? How is a "culture of war" portrayed in creative writing? How are high-speed technologies and transnationalism examined in US women's writing? All theoretical and critical approaches, including feminist, Marxist, and postmodernist, are welcome. If any audiovisual equipment is needed, please include a list of the
equipment with your proposal.

By June 15, 2013, please send an abstract of 250 words and a brief bio to Robin Brooks, University of Florida, at rbrooks@ufl.edu.