The War of Art and Literature -- ALA Symposium October 2013, New Orleans

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ALA Symposium: War and American Literature
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Proposed Panel for the American Literature Association Symposium "War and American Literature" October 10-12, 2013, New Orleans, LA

Although many American authors who treat war in their literature saw combat first-hand, it was by no means a universal experience. In the absence of these direct encounters with war, authors drew upon the depictions of war from others, including the work of the visual and performing arts. The same process works in reverse, with visual and performing artists drawing from the treatment of war by authors in order to create their own artworks.

This panel will take up the influence of American authors on other art forms in the treatment of war. Possible topics include authors' use of photography or painting in the creation of their texts, theatrical or cinematic adaptations of American war literature, or the interrelationship of visual and literary theories of representing war.

Submit 250-500 word proposal and C.V. by Monday, July 8th to Aaron Shackelford, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (