[UPDATE] Call for Delegates--Translations: Exchange of Ideas Conference

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University Graduate College--Cardiff University

June 27th – 28th 2013, Cardiff University, Wales UK

Keynote Speakers
Dr Eileen Brennan (St Patrick's College, Dublin City University)
Dr Elizabeth Wren-Owens (Cardiff University)

"Indeed, it seems to me that translation sets us not only intellectual work, theoretical or practical, but also an ethical problem. Bringing the reader to the author, bringing the author to the reader, at the risk of serving and of betraying two masters: this is to practise what I like to call linguistic hospitality. It is this which serves as a model for other forms of hospitality that I think resemble it: confessions, religions, are they not like languages that are foreign to one another, with their lexicon, their grammar, their rhetoric, their stylistics which we must learn in order to make our way into them? And is eucharistic hospitality not to be taken up with the same risks of translation-betrayal, but also with the same renunciation of the perfect translation?" (Paul Ricoeur, On Translation)

Doctoral researchers from the humanities and social sciences are invited to attend this interdisciplinary postgraduate conference that explores the concept of translation. Organised by and for doctoral students, this conference will encourage participants to consider how the theme of translation relates to their own research and how their work relates to other researchers both within their subject area and in different disciplines within the humanities and social sciences. There will be a number of panels with presentations on topics such as literature, space, art, translation practice, and colonialism.

For more information see our website: http://cardiff.ac.uk/ugc/translations-exchange-of-ideas-call-for-papers