Eco-Ability Call for Papers

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Joe Leeson-Schatz (Institute of Critical Animal Studies)
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"Eco-Ability: The Intersection of Earth, Animal, and Dis-Ability"

This special edition of JCAS will focus on intersections amongst animal liberation issues, environmentalism, ecology, dis-ability studies, and the newly forming theory, field, and movement of eco-ability. This edition, rooted in social justice, will explore these intersections of domination and exploitation to expose and dismantle interconnected oppressions. Contributors are encouraged to read and include information from Earth, Animal, and Disability Liberation: The Rise of the Eco-Ability Movement (Nocella, Bentley, Duncan, Eds. Peter Lang, 2012) within their final submissions. Areas for this special edition may include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Intersections between dis-ability and animal rights/liberation/advocacy
•Critical personal narratives from dis-ability voices on animal advocacy and environmental protection
•A focus on racial justice, economic justice, environmental justice, disability rights, and animal advocacy
•Connections between environmental justice and dis-ability rights
•Critical perspectives on the use of nonhuman animals as service providers to humans with dis-abilities
•Examinations around interdependence of all life
•A radical defense of difference and critique of normalcy
•Critical perspectives on GMOs and other gene manipulation processes
•A dis-ability, environmental, and animal advocacy critique on science and capitalism
•Interdisciplinary explorations of social movement theories, alliance politics, bridge building, and solidarity amongst animal, Earth, and dis-ability liberation movements
•An abolitionist perspective of prisons, institutions, and industries from an intersectional perspective of dis-ability, Earth, and nonhuman animal liberation
•Experiences of nonhuman animals with dis-abilities
•Inclusion within social movements of people with dis-abilities
•Critical analysis of the "animalization" of people of color and people with disabilities
•Arguments for including the ostensibly inert/insentient environment into broader issues of liberation

Special Issue for Journal for Critical Animal Studies
Edited By:
Judy K. C. Bentley, Ph.D.
SUNY Cortland, New York
Kim Socha, Ph.D.
Normandale Community College, Bloomington, MN
Joe Leeson-Schatz
Binghamton University

"The Journal for Critical Animal Studies (JCAS) is a rigorously peer-reviewed journal devoted to developing the field of Critical Animal Studies (CAS)" (JCAS, website). "Critical Animal Studies (CAS) is the academic field of study dedicated to the abolition of animal and ecological exploitation, oppression, and domination. CAS is grounded in a broad, global, emancipatory and inclusionary movement for total liberation and freedom" (ICAS, website).

All submissions are due by June 28, 2013. All submissions will be peer-reviewed. Edition will be published in August or September of 2013. All inquiries and submissions should be submitted to