Minorities and Americanness in American culture and literature (submission 15/ 10/ 2013)

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Salwa Karoui- Elounelli
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AMERICANA Founder: Dr. Abdelmajid Ayadi
Organize Americana 11th Conference

Minorities & « Americanness »
In American Culture and Literature
December 10 & 11, 2013
Deadline for abstract submission: October, 15, 2013 Venue : l'Ecole Normale Supérieure, Tunis.

When D.H Lawrence posited that « the American landscape has never been at one with the white Man. Never. And white Men have probably never felt so bitter anywhere, as here in America », he provided one of the most significant descriptions of the intriscally paradoxical process that marked the emergence of such binary notions as « mainstream America » and « minority groups in America ». The binary opposition has been central to much discursive practice in the theorizing and historicizing of American culture, but is has also been the target of much criticial revision, beyond the relativization urged by political correctness!
The highly paradoxical, even polemical terms to which the concept of minority has been subjected are often reflected in the nature of issues raised in the scholarly debate within the field of culture studies. In the area of American studies in particular, the sustained rethinking of the minority concept in relation to a critical recasting of eurocentrism (that prevailed even in the central position traditionally assigned to WASPs in the definition of « mainstream » America) and of the notion of « mainstream», has had a tremendous impact on the perspectives developed on such key themes as « Americanness », the « melting pot », cultural pluralism, American exceptionalism, etc. The recent scholarly interest in transnationalism, together with the consequent rethninking of the post-colonial paradigm, seems to have reinforced the tendency to conceptualize the cultural category of minority less within the web of binary oppositions, and more within the terms of paradox, of complex interaction (between the sense of local/ethnic community and the transnational matrix; between the sense of racial or ethnic identity and the rethinking of Americanness, etc).
The study day oraganized by Americana and l'Ecole Normale Supérieure aims at creating a space for a scholarly debate of the issues- cultural and literary- that could be raised in relation to the question of minority (ies) in the field of American studies.
The following themes/issues could be addressed but they are in no way restrictive:
 The interaction between minority studies and the orientation(s) of multiculturalism in the area of American studies
 Minority studies/literature and ethnicity: importance of the ethnic factor in the various discursive articulations of minority identity
 The racial issue in minority studies/literature: what is the significance assigned to the racial factor in the representation or conceptualizing of minority identity or category
 Representations of minorities in mainstream and minority art
 Americanness and/ of minorities in media discourse and in artistic representation
 Minority studies in the context of globalization
The steering committee particularly welcomes contributions that would examine some of the theoretical or pedagogical issues emanating from the impact of minority studies on the major orientations in the field of American studies.
After a blind peer-review a selection of papers presented in the study day will be published by the E.N.S
Steering committee : Taoufik Jbeli (University of Caen ); Saloua Cherif (University of Al Manar) ; Sadok Damak (University of Sfax) ; Salwa Karoui-Elounelli (University of Tunis) ; Salah Oueslati (University of Poitier) ; Adel Grami (University of Tunis)
Please send a 200 -word abstract to the conference organizer : Salwa Karoui- Elounelli at either one of the two addresses listed below before October 15, 2013 :
L'Ecole Normale Sup. 8 Place des Chevaux, Gorjani. 1089 Tunis.