Occupy Antigone Tradition, Transition and Transformation in Performance Studies 18th/19th March 14 Deadline: 08.13

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Ghent University Research Center Studies in Performing Arts and Media

CfP :http://www.theaterwetenschappen.ugent.be/occupyantigone


Although research on re-stagings of ancient tragedies has continually increased within Theatre Studies, analyses of the performances of Antigone are still significantly underrepresented. This research gap stands in sharp contrast to the boom in studies on Antigone (see literature below) since Judith Butler's crucial study Antigone's Claim. Kinship Between Life & Death was published in 2000. Scholars of a variety of fields other than Thetare Studies have been very occupied with Antigone (taking her theoretically hostage) trying to set free her essential "truth".
In English-language research, there is only one anthology (published in June 2011), which examines the socio-historical and political aspects in the texts and performances of Antigone from around the world. We would hence like to invite you to occupy Antigone and demonstrate (on) the crossroads of philosophy and performance.