Call for Chapters - Home: Concepts, Constructions and Contexts (Edited Volume)

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Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten (Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany) and Dr. Kathy-Ann Tan (University of Tübingen, Germany)

We are looking for contributors to our volume of critical essays on _Home: Concepts, Constructions and Contexts_ (working title). The book aims to provide an interdisciplinary overview of, as well as new approaches to, existing notions of home in its many different facets. The two editors of the collection are literary and cultural studies scholars; approaches from other disciplines, such as history, sociology, urban studies, art, media and visual studies, architecture, legal studies, philosophy, psychology, etc., are, however, highly encouraged. The book contract has been secured with a reputable German university press. Aimed date of publication is Fall 2014.

The book will be divided into three sections. Please send in proposals for chapters that you envision will fall into one of these.

Section A: Concepts

• An interdisciplinary overview of current research on notions of home
• Etymological definitions of home
• Diachronic conceptualizations of home/homelessness, belonging/unbelonging
• Phrases, derivatives, sayings – e.g. "home sweet home", "home is where the heart is", homesickness, etc.

Section B: Constructions

• Historical formations from 18th century to the present day
• Aesthetic (literary/textual, visual, medial, artistic, cultural, etc.) representations of home
• Government rhetoric and policies, e.g. "urban renewal" projects
• Legal aspects of/perspectives on "home" and housing rights, squatter's rights, etc.
• Philosophical discourses, e.g. Kant's notion of hospitality, etc.
• Psychological understandings, e.g. Freud's unheimlich/uncanny
• Discourses of gender, race and sexuality
• Urban and rural studies

Section C: Contexts

• Historical case studies and their depictions in literature, film, media, etc.
• Experiences of forced migration, expulsion, exile, eviction and forced resettlement and their representations in literature, film, media, etc.
• Settler colonies and post-colony mentalities
• Indigenous contexts, e.g. the Stolen Generation in Australia
• Diaspora and Hybridity
• Architecture, urban planning, e.g. critical regionalism, "new urbanism"
• Eco-critical perspectives

Please e-mail proposed chapter abstracts of 300 – 500 words and a short CV to both Prof. Dr. Cecile Sandten ( and Dr. Kathy-Ann Tan ( by July 31, 2013. The deadline for completed chapters (6,000 – 7,000 words) is March 31, 2014.