[REMINDER] Gender, Culture, and Memory in the Digital Archive (SAMLA, November 8-10, 2013 Atlanta, GA)

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South Atlantic Modern Language Association (SAMLA)
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Abstracts are invited for a panel on "Gender, Culture, and Memory in the Digital Archive" at the annual meeting of the South Atlantic Modern Language Association at the Marriott Atlanta Buckhead Hotel in Atlanta, Georgia, November 8-10, 2013.

This panel examines the impact of the digital archive on cultural representations of gender and memory. Particularly welcome are proposals that consider the ways that interconnections among gendered bodies, minds, and technological archives are portrayed in contemporary literature, film, or other cultural media. Questions to consider might include:
In what ways does our increased reliance on digital archives challenge the priority of internal, psychic memory over external signs?
In what ways does the influence of these archives call into question binaries such as inside/outside, mind/body, male/female, natural/artificial?
In what ways does the reproducibility of technological archives align or interfere with, transform or threaten to supplant, sexual reproduction in its fiction or nonfiction representations?
What effects might this have on portrayals of the nuclear family and the larger patriarchal structure in which it is situated and whose reproduction it ensures?
In what ways are digital archives presented as active, living, perhaps even gendered entities that shape and are shaped by the images, messages, and information that pass into/through them?
In what ways do digital archives or media acquire physical, bodily, or material presence?

Please send your 300-word abstract and brief bio to kjackson@fgcu.edu no later than June 21, 2013.