The Photographic Moment in Literature; SAMLA 2013; Nov 08-10; Atlanta

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Elizabeth Howie and Tripthi Pillai, Coastal Carolina University

This special session invites papers that explore the interplay of literature and photography, particularly as manifested in the photographical logics operating within the literatures that predate the advent of photography. What is the place of the ocular (the photographical/the photographic image) in literature? How are self-reflexivity, interiority, memory, and subjectivity performed as photographic moments within literature? What does the insertion of a photographic moment suggest in terms of interruptions, digressions, or linear movements within a novel? How does the stillness of a moment in a play borrow or differ from the stasis of a photograph? What, if any, are the coincidences of poetic and photographic lenses? How do the paradoxes of temporality—of a fleeting moment captured for eternity—affect our perception of the literary and the photographic image? How might images of death (dying) be remediated in literature through the scope of photography? How do concepts in photography affect our theoretical, historical, and cultural engagements with literary texts, and vice versa? Submissions that approach any of these questions or that engage with related topics on literary and ocular (photographic/photographical) networks are welcome.

By June 23, 2013, please submit 200-300 word abstracts to Tripthi Pillai (Department of English, Coastal Carolina University) and Elizabeth Howie (Department of Visual Arts, Coastal Carolina University). Please submit your materials as .docx/.doc or .pdf attachments via email to and