International Conference on Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship

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Management Libraries Network (MANLIBNET)
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Call for Papers

MANLIBNET, with a view to bring about social change, design entrepreneurial new services, create new fundraising programmes and incorporate innovation & entrepreneurial spirit into a variety of activities in the libraries, choose the theme Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship for the conference. Librarians may pursue entrepreneurial approaches by developing and implementing their ideas within their institutions, while others may step outside the doors of the library, starting new businesses which serve the library market. Entrepreneurial librarians can flourish in the digital age, embrace technology with creative energy and leads them to redefine and reinvent systems and services. The conference aims at documenting the current state of entrepreneurship in libraries, inspiring future entrepreneurial pursuits among the librarians and providing a roadmap and inspiration for future endeavours.

Original papers on the areas of interest are invited. The list is indicative and not exhaustive in coverage. The contributor can include any other topic falling under the broad gamut of the main theme of the conference.


Entrepreneurial Approaches to Librarianship


  • Entrepreneurship and Dr. S R Ranganathan's Five Laws of Library Science
  • Entrepreneurial Librarianship
  • Infusing Entrepreneurial Principles and Developing Entrepreneurial Culture
  • Entrepreneurial Traits and Competencies of Librarians
  • Developing Entrepreneurial Customer-Focused Leaders
  • Business Librarianship and Entrepreneurship: Innovative Trends and Characteristics
  • Creation of Wealth, Enterprise, Innovation, Change, Employment, Value and Growth
  • Librapreneurship
  • Running the Library as a Business
  • Libraries as Creative Business Ventures
  • Infusion of Private-Business Dynamism into Library Services
  • Libraries as Entrepreneurial Booksellers
  • Libraries as Knowledge Creation Business
  • Creating Entrepreneurial Libraries
  • Identifying Business Opportunities in Libraries
  • Librarians as Intrapreneurs
  • Librarians as Cultural and Social Entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurship through the Collaborative Sharing of Library Resources
  • Advocating Social Change
  • Business Information Needs and Services
  • Designing New Services
  • Innovation in Library Services
  • Application of Entrepreneurial Practices in Marketing and Distribution of Library Products and Services
  • Developing Exciting Fundraising Programmes
  • Return on Investment
  • Librarians as Sustainability Advocates, Educators and Entrepreneurs
  • Responding to Patron Demands
  • Going Green in the Library
  • Fostering Entrepreneurship through Library Networks
  • Technology Entrepreneurship with Focus on IT in Libraries
  • Obstacles to Entrepreneurship in Libraries
  • Case Studies

We also welcome contributions beyond the above mentioned areas within the domain of librarianship.



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Librarian, Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India


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