Kate Chopin Essay Collection; August 15 2013

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Heather Ostman & Kate O'Donoghue

Challenging Categorizations and Canonicity: Teaching and Studying Kate Chopin's Fiction

Due to the support and interest in the panels supported by the Kate Chopin International Society at this year's American Literature Association conference in Boston last May, the moderators have extended this call for papers for inclusion in a collection of essays that address the variety of ways the fiction of Kate Chopin is taught and studied today. Operating under the assumption that current pedagogical and scholarly approaches to Chopin participate in ongoing conversations about academic and critical categorizations of American literature, the editors of this collection seek paper proposals that address how current work on Chopin's fiction challenges, resists, and rejuvenates ways of thinking about teaching and studying American literature, women's literature, nineteenth century literature, and fiction. Comparisons to other authors and texts are welcome, as are experiential treatises on technology and teaching pedagogies. Additionally, they welcome essays on Chopin's publishing history and critical and popular literary receptions, from the 1890s through today, especially when contextualized with the literary marketplace/economics of publishing, critical trends, and social, political, or intellectual movements. The intention of the collection is to be broad in scope, but useful to teachers and students of Chopin's work and especially to be inclusive of new ideas, new angles, and new voices.

Cambridge Scholars Publishing has expressed interest in receiving a proposal based on this topic.

Please send 250-300 word proposal to Kate O'Donoghue (kathryn.erin.odonoghue@gmail.com) and Heather Ostman (heather.ostman@sunywcc.edu) by August 15, 2013. Essays of 20-25 double-spaced typed pages will be due after approval of the proposal, most likely late October, but the editors will communicate with contributors and clarify dates as appropriate.

Please contact the editors with any questions.