[Extended Deadline] THE WORD MADE TEXT (SAMLA, Nov. 8-10, Atlanta)

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J. Stephen Pearson
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Religion and Literature: This panel explores the ways religious print texts—scriptures, devotional texts, prayer books, hymnals, etc.—are presented in other literary texts, such as fiction, poetry, or creative non-fiction.

Topics could include: How do authors write about religious texts? How are literary characters (fictional or not) affected by reading religious texts? How do religious texts open or close access to the divine? How do authors delineate the different effects of textual and oral religious traditions (sermons, hymns, memorized creeds, etc.)? Does it matter whether the religious text is online instead of in a book? How do authors measure the worth/quality of their own texts alongside that of established religious texts? How do they understand the function and/or the potential of literature as compared to the function and power of religious writing? In what ways are religious texts treated as objects—material objects, literary objects, objects of study, objects of analysis, etc.?

Papers on literature from any part of the world and related to any religious tradition are welcome.

By June 17, 2013, please submit a one-page abstract along with your school affiliation, rank/position, and any A/V requests to J. Stephen Pearson, The University of Tennessee, at stpears11@gmail.com.