[UPDATE] Society and/in Religious Discourse - November 7-8-9 2013

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College of Arts&Humanities, Department of English
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University of Kairouan, Tunisia

College of Arts & Humanities
Department of English
International & Pluri-disciplinary Conference
November 7-8-9/ 2013
Society and/in Religious Discourse
Call for Papers
Times are certainly out of joint these days. And society is more than ever "l'enjeu" of religious discourse. Often radical, this discourse- set of ideas and social practices- is structured around massive anti-modernist and anti-progress campaigns. It calls for the reinstatement of old dogmas and practices through the literal interpretations of the sacred texts. Modernism and progress are equated with atheism. Social ills and natural disasters are no longer cause and effect related. They are apprehended, instead, as signs of man's estrangement from faith and from the Divine. The notion of the Divine itself is often retrieved to serve and fit particular aims and designs. Aside from being a political and "thinking" animal, Man is also spiritual and he cannot survive without some sort of religious belief. Our department is happy to invite 20-minute paper proposals for its International Pluri-disciplinary conference on Society and Religious Discourse. The conference will take place November 7-8-9 2013 at the Dept. of English of the College of Arts & Humanities. Kairouan, Tunisia.
The conference will feature plenary talks by leading scholars and speakers. We invite abstracts for 20-minute proposals on topics dealing with society and religious discourse in the broad sense outlined above, including:
. Literature, society, religious discourse
. Society as a religious project
. Text and Speech within a discursive society (political, public, religious)
. Individual, Society, Power Relations and belief
. Society, Faith, Knowledge

Please send 250-word abstracts to azouzsamy@yahoo.fr by August 26th. Abstracts should be sent as anonymized attachments in MS Word format. You need to specify in your email text: name, affiliation, and title of talk. Acceptance of papers will be sent out by September 1st.