a freestyle venture-stream of consciousness!9/6/2013.

full name / name of organization: 
Angshu Chakraborty

Mine was faulty!

What makes it larger-is not any cause any more!that was when I first met a man on a fishy afternoon outside d calendar walls!what group that he belongs remains unknown to me!caught in a deeper doldrums I fired my bottom up and tried not to look deeper inside a black peevish well-near my draining comatose-I tried but have never been such fool to see my relection flowin swiftly mirrorin my smile back at me!he was d one silent n choky-characterizing a ghost sleepy n yellow under his skin!
I densed through my alarm chain work but could hv nvr seen such an arrogance-a creation-thereafter!parasites marchin wth cockroaches bolted down wth dirty rain drops through a corner hole to lift me up silently!a catterpiller was watchin n marchin over- through iron sticks to watch over my escape!suddenly maneuverin monologues echoed around-starting a nuisance-d ants – de must hv deir share!

Night is chilly-don't want to argue wth u moma!
Make me inhale my stories-cannot find rest in pieces!
Chickbones crumbling-dig up spirallings for profit moma!
Don't answer to see any likes-dislikes on ur part moma!
Hey icedrops want to touch em!

That man starts fightin till death!stupified as he was-is so now!
Momma see curtains screechin under ur stealthy fiery chimeric clues-cant-u imagine!
He says so n falls upside down-winds circling down-up-under down in a heliocosmic mimicry!
But what I use to know is nothing more when a sparrow nodds to eat a child in its rubbery smell!
When a hand goes in dark wanderin for pennies!
When a man keeps his leg guarded to privatise his free fallin money near his disposal!
When a creature as dumb as it was ever before leaks its leaps to suck in cheesy contractions!

Crows couch down-see couple owls want shelter!
Lady step back see water is pumpin from far –a rectilinear dangling needle!
Bottle-u turn up-unscrew ur rounds down-mouth to feed –a rootin fish u inhale-offfff got my hunger gone!

That is what de say n ask when de cannot find answers in line-in commonness-in nests-in his trinity-in feeble mind!

Moma showed up after a full moon!d man was goin far behind!he could not stop his lust for life!she got fired up n jumped in that well too-true but was already a dumpin ground inside!so dhaaaaaappppppppppppppppp!

Now waste water flows wth more such wastes reserving for future wastes!
Now straw seems shorter to suck up any seemin more strong!
Now cleansing bombardment lifts its veil whenever de come up n try to cut through d pioneering holes!
Thus dis keeps on changing until one day-a goodday-a demagogue creates his vision again so that a mangoe may fall-a cap may turn white-a ring may stress round again-a scratch may feel n fill d entirety-a studded door may hide in rollin rod –its secrets!
That's what –d poory need more dan enough!not only mosaic mansion houses but also lingerie at ease-to line up again!
Coz why its tight?so tighter/lighter as u go tightenin up-lookin n starin-n blurring n bouncing heavy-heavier-heave n all gone!

D things started missin-de could be found astray anywhere in our narrow lanes-our true scenario!a morning glory shows chewd fibres smellin either sides n nothing else!

Dis limbo may go on-may sm sweet algaes exempted n moron-to paint sm mystics coverin boundaries-glorifyin wits emerge so inside holes-may dey flown by such kneelin usurps boast again!
Dats how de decrease in no-smokes flake on blue flames n yolk spreads on a white base-forever!