[Update: Abstracts due 7/10]: Teen Wolf Collection

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Kamille Stone Stanton and Margo Collins

Teen Wolf - Edited Collection

Articles are invited for an essay collection on the new MTV serial remake of Teen Wolf. In "Upright Citizens on All Fours: Nineteenth-Century Identity and the Image of the Werewolf," Chantal Bourgault du Coudray notes that 'an ever-growing body of scholarship utilises the concept of hybrid or heterogeneous identity. The hybrid identity is theorised and celebrated as a response to the demands of a fragmented, multi-dimensional, postmodern world, one in which shifting boundaries and a multiplicity of subject positions make it impossible to assume a homogeneous or stable subjectivity.' Theorists such as Katherine Hayles and Donna Haraway discuss the implications of hybridity in the posthuman. Asa Simon Mittman and Peter J. Dendle deal with the monstrosity of hybridity. Many critics discuss iterations of the werewolf in literature and film. This volume aims to discuss the new MTV serial remake of Teen Wolf in terms of its connection to the popular and literary culture, though other approaches are welcome, as well.

The following categories suggest possibilities but are by no means exhaustive:

• Monstrosity and/or Hybridity
• Fandom and/or Reception
• Personal Transformation and/or Adaptation
• Genre Transformation and/or Adaptation
• Gender
• Race
• Desire and Sexuality
• Heroism and/or Villainy
• History and Memory
• Family
• Power

We are also interested in the intersections of Teen Wolf with:
• the werewolf in 19th century literary history
• the werewolf in 20th century literary history
• post humanism in teen culture
• the werewolf in the 1980s
• the werewolf in Comics (such as the werewolf in Dell comics, Marvel comics, Legends of the Dark Night)
• the werewolf in fairy tales and/or folk mythology
• the werewolf in American pulp fiction
• the werewolf in children's literature
• the werewolf in adult television (True Blood, Doctor Who, Sanctuary, Grimm)
• the werewolf in games or anime

What to Send:
300 - 500 word abstracts (or complete articles, if available) and CVs should be submitted by July 10, 2013. If an abstract is accepted for the collection, a full draft of the essay (5000 – 8000 words) will be required by January 31, 2014.

Abstracts and final articles should be submitted to supernaturaltelevision@gmail.com. Please include "Teen Wolf Submission" in your subject line.