A new e-journal: Imaginary Relations

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Imaginary Relations

Announcing a new journal: Imaginary Relations

Imaginary Relations is a new e-journal dedicated to ideological critique and analysis of single aesthetic objects: poetry, fiction, drama, film and television. The journal seeks to examine the competing meanings that ideologies generate; how ideologies are produced and reproduced in single cultural productions; how ideologies function to produce material practices, such as reading, and how those reading practices can work to reproduce and transform ideologies. The journal, therefore, focuses on the complex valences of ideology as positive and productive forces in culture that do, and can, transform subjectivities and social relations.

We are looking for critiques which are theoretically informed by the debates about theories of ideology but remain accessible at the level of a beginning graduate student or a well prepared undergraduate; we seek essays that are informed by aesthetic, Marxist, and/or psychoanalytic theory. The focus of critique may be on the work's function at the time of its original production, or on the ideological function it has for us today—-the ideological function of Macbeth in 1606 would clearly be different from its ideological function in the classroom today, or from a new production of the play, and we invite essays that investigate any of these ideological functions. We are as interested in analyses of the classic or canonical, as much as the marginal or contemporary.

For more information, visit imaginaryrelations.net. If you are interested in joining this e-journal project, we welcome contributions. If you are interested in contributing an essay, or for any inquiries about the journal, please email: ireditors@imaginaryrelations.net. We will review original essays and respond to essays on a rolling basis, usually within one month. We also invite you to join our collective of readers. Please send a statement of interests and a short cv to: ireditors@imaginaryrelations.net.