CFP: The Carnal and the Intangible (3/15/07; AFS/FSAC, 10/17/07-10/21/07)

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V. Troi Tran
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  Call for papers The Carnal and the Intangible: Mediations, Expressions, Hybrids Proposed panel for the AFS/FSAC 2007 annual meeting on "The Politics and Practices of Intangible Cultural Heritage", October 17-21, Hilton Hotel, Quebec City, Canada.
  Substance or metaphor, fetish or taboo, from the sin of the flesh to the Word made flesh, from the object of desire to the object of disgust: such is the word "flesh", allusive and elusive. Without confining our reflections to any specific meaning or connotation, we wish to think about carnality as an transitional locus of mediations and hybridities between the Self and the World. Beyond the materiality of the body, lies the sensorialiity (or sensuality) of the flesh which objectifies in all their varieties the subjectivities of existence, according to their cultural specificities.
  In regard to the cultural practices and traditions included in the UNESCO Convention for the Preservation of Intangible Cultural Heritage (rituals, beliefs, customs, music, festivals, storytelling, cuisine and traditional knowledge), we invite proposals that explore their carnal dimension involved in the staging and transmission of these practices and traditions. More specifically, we wish to inquire how they make sensible the links between bodies and communities. The living character of intangible cultural heritage might thus be approached as a constant incarnation of knowledge, essential for its transmission and actualisations: a Word made flesh. In view of the risks of cultural mummification involved in the process of patrimonialization, it becomes relevant to question the politics of heritage as they might lead to an idealization, hence a disincarnation of these practices and traditions, or, conversely, to generate new reincarnations that produce another array of
  Some possible themes:
  Material flesh and metaphorical flesh: aspects of carnality in intangible cultural heritage
  The (visual, tactile, savory, aural, olfactory) sensorialities of intangible cultural heritage
  Memory and cultural heritage: incarnations, disincarnations, reincarnations
  In accordance with the AFS electronic registration form (, proposals must include a short abstract (75-100 words) and a long abstract (350-500 words). Please submit your proposals by March 15, 2007 to Vincent Auzas and Van Troi Tran at:
  As you submit your abstracts, please indicate if you have audiovisual needs (overhead projector; DVD/VHS player etc.)
  Any incomplete or late proposal will be dismissed.

V.Troi Tran
Doctorant en ethnologie
Chaire de recherche du Canada en patrimoine ethnologique
Département d'histoire
Université Laval

30 rue de Grenelle
75007, Paris
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