CfP for SCMS 2014 proposed panel: The Spatial Politics of Classical Hollywood

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Dr. Anna Sloan, University of Sussex
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Proposed panel: The Spatial Politics of Classical Hollywood

In light of the "spatial turn" in cinema studies of the past decade, this panel aims to revisit and reconceptualise issues of space, place and geography in relation to classical Hollywood cinema. Certain Hollywood genres have been robustly explored in terms of these issues in past scholarship (e.g. the western, science fiction), as well as certain directors (e.g. Ford, Minnelli) and stars (e.g. Valentino), yet much territory remains unexplored. This panel seeks a diverse range of papers that either re-think spatial politics in more established areas, or that explore new areas, in ways that reflect the significant developments in scholarship surrounding space and place in recent years.

Papers might consider any of the following issues in relation to classical Hollywood films, for example:

-Transnationalism, postcolonialism and/or cosmopolitanism
-The crossing of national and international boundaries
-The American landscape
-Urban and suburban spaces
-Domestic and public spaces
-Central and peripheral spaces
-Mobility, movement and haptics
-Stars and their relationships to space/place/geography
-Depictions of foreign cultures/otherness
-The spatial politics of consumerism, shopping and/or fashion

"Classical Hollywood" is intended as inclusively as possible. Papers that take an interest in specific film texts and/or engage in textual analysis are especially welcome.

Please send an abstract, indicative bibliography and short bio by August 5 to Anna Sloan –