[REGISTRATION REMINDER]: Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution symposium

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Maja Milatovic and Lena Wånggren, University of Edinburgh

Critical Pedagogies: Equality and Diversity in a Changing Institution symposium (6 of September 2013, University of Edinburgh): Deadline for registration: 1st of August.

This interdisciplinary symposium, aimed at opening discussions regarding teaching in our changing institutions and investigating how our roles as both teachers and learners are continuously challenged and negotiated, features keynote lectures by:

Professor Heidi Safia Mirza:
"Decolonizing Pedagogies: Black feminist reflections on teaching race, faith and culture in higher education"

Professor Joyce Canaan:
"Building alternatives to the neoliberalising university: what critical pedagogy can offer"

The symposium also includes a range of speakers with dialogic and diverse presentations, workshops and contributions on decolonising the university, teaching and activism, resisting marketisation, accessibility, breaking silences surrounding racism and exclusions, creating networks of allies and numerous others.

The symposium day will end with a Roundtable discussion with invited speakers entitled "Education, Intersectionality and Social Change".

The symposium also hosts a free warm-up workshop on the day before (5th of September): "In, Against and Beyond the Neoliberal University"

Additional information on the programme, registration costs, roundtable speakers and the warm-up workshop outline as well as frequent updates can be found on the symposium website:


Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/CriticalPedagogiesSymposium
Twitter: @criticalpedag

You are warmly invited to register for the event here:

The organisers aimed to make the registration fees as accessible as possible. Please contact them at criticalpedagogies@ed.ac.uk if you require free attendance.