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University of Wolverhampton

We invite two final contributions to a volume entitled Behind the Screen Door: Spaces of the Cinematic House, for which we are in discussion with Routledge. These essays should address either the cellar or bathroom in film.

While narrative film usually centres on characters and their motivations, this collection focuses on the settings and backdrops for characters, and examines the significance and connotations of specific filmic spaces within the house. For example, analysis of the cellar might explore its abject or uncanny aspects and its resultant inclusion in the horror film as a site of death, revelation, or trauma. Consideration of the bathroom in film might entail its narrative purpose (as in Pulp Fiction), aesthetic factors (as in The Cook, The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover) or its connections with deviance or disorder (evident in Full Metal Jacket). Film discussions should entail original research and include appropriate analysis of text, audience, or industry. This should be underpinned by relevant theoretical, critical or archival material, and is not restricted to any national cinema. Rather, the nature and representation of space should lead the discussion.

Topics may include but are not limited to:

-close readings of films that centre on a particular aspect of bathroom or cellar space (for example the Gothic associations of the cellar and its implications for the horror genre).
-analysis of recurring themes, tropes and motifs in the bathroom or cellar
-analysis of set design for these spaces in film
-associations between stars/characters and the bathroom or cellar
-associations between genres and the bathroom or cellar
-historical accuracy of depictions of such spaces (or their equivalent) in heritage films or historical reconstructions utilising archival research

The deadline for proposals is 30 August 2013 and these should be approx. 300 words in length. Please attach a short biography, CV, and provisional bibliography. Final essays of 5000-6000 words (including notes) and Harvard citation are due 31st December.

Please send abstracts to:

Eleanor Andrews e.andrews@wlv.ac.uk
Stella Hockenhull s.hockenhull@wlv.ac.uk
Fran Pheasant-Kelly f.e.pheasant-kelly@wlv.ac.uk