Teaching the Digital North American Slave Narrative: A Roundtable

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C19, Chapel Hill, March 13-16, 2014
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Applicants to this roundtable session should submit an assignment or syllabus (new or previously used) that asks students to engage with one or more of the slave narratives hosted online at Documenting the American South. To begin the roundtable, copies of each syllabus or assignment will be distributed to the audience, and each participant will offer a brief statement providing broader context for the class or activity. Once each participant has introduced his or her contribution, the group will discuss the advantages and challenges of employing electronic texts to study representations of slavery. How can instructors lead students to engage more meaningfully with slave narratives? What challenges do slave narratives present for traditional classroom approaches? How do we and our students access, interpret, and respond to digitized slave narratives? How do the race, gender, and subject position of the instructor and the students influence or inflect conversations about slavery and its representations? Innovative approaches that address the conference theme of "Commons" and/or that ask students to engage digitally with the narratives are particularly encouraged. The 2014 C19 biennial conference will be held March 13–16, 2014 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. Please send syllabi or assignments along with a short CV to Patrick Horn (pathorn@unc.edu) by September 20, 2013.