Writers in Conversation Issue 1 Feb 2014

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Gillian Dooley and Nick Turner

Gillian Dooley and Nick Turner, the editors of a new international open-access online literary journal are seeking interviews with writers of all kinds for its first issue, due to be published in February 2014.


Interviews provide an opportunity for engagement between writers and critics/literary scholars and help ground literary criticism and theory in the reality of creative practice. They are of interest not only to literary and creative writing scholars, but also to many other readers. Writers in Conversation will contribute to the resources available to researchers internationally and to the development of a creative and engaged critical community.

* Interview subjects will be published authors, editors or translators of literary works, defined broadly.
* There is no specific restriction on genre.
* There is no restriction on nationality or the language in which an author writes.
* Interviews will only be published in English, though translations into English will be considered.
* The interviewer must demonstrate a thorough knowledge of the author and his/her work and provide an introduction, as well as explanatory notes if necessary.
* The interviewer must undertake to clear the final interview text with the interviewee.
* Interviewers should ideally make their own point of view and the circumstances in which the interview is conducted explicit.
* Interviews should be at least 2000 words.
* Wherever possible, photographs of the interviewee should be included, and other relevant illustrations will also be considered.
* Readily available interviews will not be republished. However, proposals to republish interviews that are difficult to access in their original form (in obscure print sources for example) are invited. The onus of clearing copyright etc. rests on the person making the proposal, and they should provide an introduction and explanation of the significance of the interview.
* The interviews will not be peer reviewed.

Please send finished versions of interviews, formatted in accordance with the journal's Style Guide, by 30 November 2013 to Dr Gillian Dooley, Flinders University, gillian.dooley@flinders.edu.au

Writers in Conversation is published by Flinders University, Australia and the University of Central Lancashire, UK.