[UPDATE] American Shame: Stigma and the Body Politic, Edited Collection

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Myra Mendible/Florida Gulf Coast University
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American Shame responds to a growing interest in the study of emotion across disciplines. It contributes to a dialogue among scholars, practitioners, and activists concerned with the politics of emotion—particularly humiliation and shame. Topics may include the historical influences shaping American attitudes toward the public punishment, condemnation and regulation of others; how shame displays inscribe bodily, geographical, and conceptual borders; shaming as media entertainment commodity, legal practice or public policy; its meanings in foundational cultural and religious narratives (including Puritan theology); stigmatization as political strategy or disciplinary process targeting distinct groups; shame spectacles in a post-surveillance, post 9/11 American society. The manuscript has already garnered attention from interested presses but two contributors had to drop out so I seek completed drafts only—not proposals. Please send essays for review and CV to mendible@fgcu.edu before August 30, 2013.