Call for Review Papers on National/Regional Global MCH and HIV/AIDS Issues

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International Journal of MCH and AIDS (IJMA)

Theme: "Addressing Maternal and Child Health and/or HIV/AIDS Issues in Developing Countries: Progress, Prospects and Challenges."

The International Journal of MCH and AIDS (IJMA) invites review papers that provide regional or cross-national review of the progress, prospects and challenges of addressing maternal and child health and HIV/AIDS issues in developing countries. This is an excellent opportunity for researchers to work in groups or individually within their countries/regions to share country or regional progress in these two core areas of the journal—MCH and HIV/AIDS. These review articles will offer research teams opportunity to lean back on the history as well as current evolution of global health efforts to address specific or broad MCH and HIV/AIDS in their nations or regions. Reviews emanating from collaborations between researchers in the global North and South are most welcomed.

Depending on the country or region of choice, IJMA intends to publish these reviews with such titles as "Addressing Maternal and Child Health Issues in South East Asia: Progress, Prospects and Challenges." IJMA Editors are specifically looking for regional reviews from the following developing world regions:

 South East Asia
 Sub-Saharan Africa
 Middle East and North Africa
 Latin America and Caribbean

Abstract Submission: Prospective authors interested in working on one or more of these review articles should send a 500-word structured abstract of their proposed topic to Dr. Romuladus Azuine, Abstracts will be accepted on a rolling basis but those submitted no later than October 31, 2013 will receive priority reviews.

Prospective authors will receive an acknowledgment and a decision within one week of submission. Intensive technical assistance will be offered to authors whose abstracts are accepted for full manuscript development, if necessary. All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and published rapidly online and promoted within the global health and public policy circles in Washington, DC, USA and around the world.

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