Indian Aesthetics: Theory and Practice

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P. Prayer Elmo Raj/Karunya University
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Indian Aesthetics: Theory and Practice

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Abstract: 18th August, 2013
Full Length Paper: 30th September, 2013

Editor: P. Prayer Elmo Raj
Concept note
Indian aesthetics is a unique philosophical and spiritual point of view on art, architecture and literature. The theory and practice of aesthetics is a psychic and perceptive activity that envelopes and reflects the wholistic experience of beauty enquiring and appreciating the realm of aesthetic. The rich tradition of Indian aesthetics can be traced back to the 2nd century BC with Bharata’s Natyasasthra, the foundation text of Indian aesthetics and followed by significant treatises on art, architecture and literature that proposed theories which assist us with significantly varied approaches to aesthetically appraise and appreciate a work of art. Moreover, the contributions of Ananda Coomaraswamy and K. C. Pandey have opened up fresh possibilities to rethink ways of renarrating, contextualizing, conversing and communicating comparatively Indian aesthetics with aesthetic traditions around the world. The proposed edited volume is an attempt to bring together fresh theoretical/critical perspectives on Indian Aesthetics and diverse efforts to interpret/appreciate/critique art, architecture, music and literature in terms of Indian aesthetics that allows us to rethink, reinterpret and retrace the significance and inimitability of the theory and practice today as we live in an age of proliferation of art, architecture, music and literature. Themes of focus may include but are not restricted to:

1) Critical and interpretive perspectives on Indian aesthetics
2) Contemporary approaches to Indian Aesthetics
3) Indian Aesthetics as a method/critical tool to interpret art, architecture and literature
4) Comparative Aesthetics
5) History of Indian Aesthetics
Authentic, scholarly and unpublished research papers are invited from scholars/faculty/researchers/writers/professors for this volume. The research paper shall focus on any aspect of Indian Aesthetics.
The volume will be published with an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) by a renowned publisher.
Editing requirements:
● Paper size: A4, Font & size: Times New Roman 12, Spacing: Single line, Margin of 1 inch on all four sides.
● Title of the paper: bold, title case (Capitalize each word), centered. Times New Roman 14
● Text of the paper: justified. Font & size: Times New Roman 12.
● References: Please follow MLA style strictly. Do not use Foot Notes. Instead use End Notes.
● Articles should be submitted as MS Word 2003-2007 attachments only.
● The paper should not usually exceed 14 pages maximum, 8 pages minimum in single spacing.
● Each paper must be accompanied by i) A declaration that it is an original work and has not been published anywhere else or send for publication ii) Abstract of paper about 100-200 words and iii) A short bio-note of the contributor(s) indicating name, institutional affiliation, brief career history, postal address, mobile number and e-mail, in a single attachment. Please don’t send more attachments. Give these things below your paper and send all these things in a separate single MS-Word attachment.
● The papers submitted should evince serious academic work contributing new knowledge or innovative critical perspectives on the subject explored.
Mode of Submission:
Each contributor is advised to the send full paper with brief bio-note, declaration and abstract as single MS-Word email attachments to
Last date of submission
Abstract: 18th August, 2013
Full Length Paper: 30th September, 2013
Selection Procedure:
All submissions will be sent for blind peer reviewing. Final selection will be made only if the papers are recommended for publication by the reviewers. The details of the selection of your paper will be informed to you telephonically or on your email. The editor has the right to make necessary editing of selected papers for the sake of conceptual clarity and formatting. Non-selected papers will not be sent back to the contributor in any form. All contributors are advised to keep a copy of their submission with them. Each contributor will get a free complimentary copy from publisher but in case of joint paper, the first author will get the free copy.
Plagiarism Alert:
Contributors are advised to adhere to strict academic ethics with respect to acknowledgment of original ideas from others. The editors will not be responsible for any such lapse of the contributor. All submissions should be original and must be accompanied by a declaration that it is an original work and has not been published anywhere else. It will be your sole responsibility for such lapses, if any. Neither the editor, nor the publisher will be responsible for it.
Authors are requested to contact the editor for queries, if any
P. Prayer Elmo Raj, Assistant Professor of English, Karunya University, Coimbatore-641114 Tamilnadu, India. Mobile No. 09487188432 email:

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