Volunteers Needed for Digital American Studies Project

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Geoff Hamilton, Their America

We -- a group of researchers creating an ambitious digital humanities project called Their America -- are looking for volunteer contributors to our site. The idea, in brief, is this: we're constructing a large digital archive and set of discussion forums devoted to expressions about America by non-Americans. The site will have different sections (which we're calling 'theaters'), each devoted to a global region (Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America minus the U.S., and 'Outsiders' in America), and will provide access to archival 'expressions' from that region about America (speeches, excerpts from fiction, political cartoons, etc.), along with a discussion forum devoted to debate about the region's relationship to America. For a fuller description of what the site is all about, please see our temporary forum page:
What we're trying to do now (over the next few weeks, as the computer folk construct the actual site) is gather volunteers willing to help manage the different theaters: this would involve posting links there on the theater home page, helping to stock the archives, and moderating the discussion forums. The time commitment we're seeking from volunteers would be relatively limited: about 2 hours per week over the course of three to four months, beginning in September.
If interested, please indicate the theater that most interests you, and send along a brief description of your qualifications (including an abbreviated CV) to theiramericaweb@gmail.com

Geoff Hamilton
Assistant Professor,
Dept. of English,
York University,