SEA London 2014--"Creole England" Deadline September 15, 2013

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Grégory Pierrot

Creole England

As England asserted its presence in the West Indies, the West Indies settled in the metropole as well. British absentee landlords had the ear of Parliament, when they were not members themselves; sailors and ships kept the islands connected across the Atlantic logistically, economically and culturally; publications by Creolized Britons flooded the English market and contributed to shape public opinion on a variety of topics such as natural history, race, trade, economics, politics, military tactics. With the American Revolution and the rise of abolitionism differences between metropolitan England and England's American possessions were often emphasized in public discourse, yet both entities deeply influenced each other's evolution and worldviews in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century. How did ideas, inventions and people navigate and circulate in the physical and cultural Atlantic space? To what extent did those connections transcend regional and national divides, to shape a "Creole England"? This panel will explore the relationship between London and England's American colonies in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth century.
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