Call for Collaborators for book proposal Voices of the Unseen: Revolt and the Building of Radical Transnationalism 9/30/2013

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Autumn Quezada-Grant
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Draft book proposal

Voices of the Unseen: Revolt and the Building of Radical Transnationalism

As Alain Badiou remarks in his recent work, today we find ourselves in a "rebirth of history" in which the failing models of "democracy" dictated to us by the masters of capitalist globalization have given way to an era of global insurgency. What specifies the current era of globalized revolt is taking root in two ideas simultaneously: the persistent rage against systemic conditions that fortify globalized capital, which in its determination transcend the traditional boundaries of nationalist liberation. With the commonality of struggle against both the system and the ones who run it, these mass movements, from Tahrir Square to the residual forms of the Occupy Movement, from striking teachers in Haiti to the Maoist resistance in Central India, have demonstrated that ideas are taking place, new forms of political participation and democracy. Rulers of the world have already begun to fortify the counter-revolution, through austerity, war, fascist repression, as well as the channeling of grassroots organizing into the dead-end reformism of elections and mainstream political outlets, as we saw in the last elections in the U.S. and Egypt, among other places.

This volume seeks to explore the revolutionary moment taking place now all over the world. Historical moments such as now are unique. Similar to 1968 where dispersed movements erupted across the global in reaction to similar stresses. The marginalized and oppressed of today have created movements through revolution, revolt, resistance, and occupation. How do we conceive and communicate this era of globalizing insurgency, as revolution in the making? This volume proposes to look at specific ways in which peoples are grasping this moment to rage and enact change. In addition, the volume will highlight the transnational nature of revolutionary ideas. Specifically, we are seeking scholars who can speak to the specific nature of origins and methodologies in this global insurgency, which vary greatly from place to place in terms of strategy, objectives, and pre-existing social political organizational model.

Contributors: The contributors will consist of a mix between academic professionals and those working in the civil society sector, so as to draw upon a wide variety of expertise, insight, experience and knowledge.

Audience: The target audience of this book will not only be interdisciplinary but also cut across the spectrum of the political public sphere. This book will be of interest to all of those academics and students focused on international politics, development and human rights, history as well as political activists, policymakers and civil society workers working within this same realm,

• Abstract – September 2013
• First draft of full paper: December 2013
• Peer-reviewed feedback: March 2014
• Final draft: June 2014
• Editorial corrections: September 2014
• Publication date: December 2014

Suggested Publishers: AUC Press, Lienne-Ryner, Verso, Ashgate, Routledge, Zed Books

This will be a peer-reviewed collection.

Researchers are invited to submit essay proposals from any and all academic fields. Please include a 2-page professional CV with your proposed essay.

Please send a 250-word proposal by September 30, 2013

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