American Horrors from the Great Depression to the Great Recession

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Dr Jonas Prida//College of St Joseph
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The 80 years between these two horrific economic events also coincide with the high point of H.P. Lovecraft and Weird Tales on one end and the recent resurgence of horror on the other. With these dates as a delineation, The College of St Joseph is seeking proposals for our annual popular culture conference. Explorations of any horrific texts during this period are welcomed, as are interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approaches. Papers will be presented at The College of St Joseph, located in Rutland, VT, April 11-12.

Potential topics [this list should not be seen as limiting]:

Cultural contexts for the 1980s horror boom
The forgotten Forties: Horror writing during WWII
Middle and late period Stephen King
Rural horror
Warren Publications and the economics of horror comics
Dead Space and horrific video games
Richard Matheson, Charles Beaumont and the California Circle
Fantastic horrors in Karl Wagner
They got us Barbara: Zombies from Night of the Living Dead to World War Z
Undergraduate horror: teaching the supernatural

250-300 word abstracts should be sent to Dr Jonas Prida at by Nov 15th.

Papers/presentations should be in the 3000 word range and/or 15-20 minute presentations. We encourage creative presentations,co-presentations, faculty/undergraduate collaboration, and graduate students. Any questions can be sent to Dr Jonas Prida as well.