The Production of Worry in Post-feminist Media Culture (For Society for Cinema and Media Studies Conference 2014-Seattle)

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Amanda Rossie / The Ohio State University
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This panel seeks to explore and critique the normative protagonists that personify post-feminist media culture while also exposing and contextualizing the underpinnings of these popular narratives that both produce and rely upon worry and/or anxiety for their success or impact. Overwhelmingly, it is the lives of white, middle-class heterosexual women that provide the material for these narratives, and it is this demographic of women who are also the targets of post-feminist media culture's affective ammunition. Yet, these are certainly not the only women who are worrying, especially in a time of recession, political conservatism, and legislative rollbacks on reproductive rights and race-based protections.

Papers must address the role worry and/or anxiety have in post-feminist stories about women and contextualize the production of post-feminist affect on a broader scale. The panel will be comprised of scholars whose work represents a range of representations that vary across genre and medium (including blogs, webisodes, Netflix original programming, film, television, music videos, etc.). The panel also seeks to illustrate some of the influences this hypervisiblity has on women of color, the working poor, sexual minorities, and other non-normative identity categories that are often ignored or devalued in the U.S. post-feminist media landscape.

The panel will present at the Society for Cinema and Media Studies (SCMS) in March 19-23, 2014 in Seattle, WA.

**DEADLINE: Abstracts are due to Amanda Rossie ( by 5:00 pm Sunday August 26, 2013. If your paper is accepted, you will be notified by 5:00 pm Monday August 27.

SCMS Deadlines for all panels are due by August 30.