What is Literary 'Sympathy'?: Novels in the First Half of the 19th Century (NeMLA 2014: April 3-6) - Abstracts due by 9/30/12

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Northeast Modern Language Association

Literary scholars pin a lot on 'sympathy' but disagree about what it is. While David Marshall defines it as emotional exchange, Adela Pinch and Rae Greiner describe it as a cognitive process. This roundtable invites interdisciplinary approaches to redefining sympathy in literature. Presenters may explore goals, consequences, or connotations of sympathy, including community or identity formation, political affinity, empathy vs. sympathy, visuality and aurality, the novel's 'rise,' and more. Please send 250-word abstracts to Jennifer Croteau Deren at Jennifer.Croteau@tufts.edu.

NeMLA 2014 will take place April 3-6 in Harrisburg, PA. Please submit abstracts by September 30, 2013.