Drugs and Culture @ 35th Annual Southwest Popular and American Culture Conference February 19-22, 2014

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South West Popular and American Culture Association

35th Annual Southwest Texas Popular and American Culture Conference
February 19-22, 2014
Hyatt Regency Hotel in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In keeping with this year's theme of "Popular and American Culture Studies: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow," we are particularly interested in papers analyzing America's "War on Drugs" and its impact on the nation's use and view of drugs, but any paper dealing with drugs and culture will be considered. Papers dealing with drugs in the 1960s should consider submitting to the area on "Beats and Counterculture" at this conference.

Anti-drug propaganda Drug addiction Drugs as positive force
"Just Say No." Intervention Weed Culture/Activism

"Above the influence" Rehab Legal Drugs

"I learned by watching you." Incarceration Drugs and Shamanism
D.A.R.E. When propaganda fails… Rastafarian Religion
Drugs and Philosophy Drugs and the
Creative Process The Rhetoric of Drugs
Drugs in Film Drugs on TV Drugs in comics (particularly Grant Morrison)
Drugs and Comedy Drugs and Music (papers on the Grateful Dead should consider presenting in that area.) Drugs and Academia post Leary

Post your Submission to our database at: conference2014.southwestpca.org
Submission Deadline: November 1, 2013

Grad Students, consider submitting your paper to one of our monetary awards; see http://southwestpca.org/conference/graduate-student-awards/
Send Inquiries to
Bryan L. Jones
Oklahoma State University