Under an Indian Sky – Environment, Community & Culture in India

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Society for Environment Education Research And Management SEERAM
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Building on the success of Waste Water Technology for Green Economy and E-Waste-Sustainability & Management Seminars SEERAM now welcomes academics from across the disciplines as well as members of non- and for-profit organizations, artistic and activist communities, government and NGOs to address the environmental challenges faced by human and other Living & Non Living bodies across India.

With its mandate for both inter disciplinary and community outreach, SEERAM calls for paper contributions for its September Issue of ENVIRONMENT OBSERVER an International Journal with ISSN No. 2320 – 5997. This contribution is called from all environmental fields of inquiry and endeavor, including the humanities, natural and social sciences, Indian studies, public policy, business and law. Artistic, creative and non-academic proposals are also welcome. Possible directions may include, but are not limited to:

1) Animal rights and commodification
2) Auto mobility/transportation/infrastructure
3) Borders and Inter State issues
4) Collaboration between scientific and non-scientific communities
5) Direct action and activism
6) Ecology or nature
7) "Eco-terrorism"
8 ) Environmental economies
9) Environmental humanities
10) Environmental technologies
11) Forests and forestry
12) Historical perspectives
13) Human and nonhuman migration
14) Indigenous land, air, and water rights
15) Interdisciplinarity and transdisciplinarity
16) Environmental Law and public policy in India
17) Literary, filmic, and new media representations
18) Resilient communities and solidarity
19) Restoration, reclamation, reparation
20) The rights of nature
21) Senses of place
22) Technology as social construction
23) Tourism and amenity migration
24) Water rights, watersheds &river systems
25) Wildlife and animality

Send the papers to e-observer@seeram.org & info@seeram.org

Last Date for Paper 20th September 2013
Paper will published on 25th September

Registration Fees Rs. 1200/- for Student
Rs.1700/- for Others

(Students need to send the paper along with I. D. proof)

Registration charges may be deposited directly in the account. Account details would be provided on demand via email.

Submission information

Manuscripts must be prepared in English, should be crafted in a clear and concise style that is accessible to a broad readership.
Submissions should not exceed 2,500 words including references.

The registered candidates would receive copy of Environment Observer and Certificate of Participation from SEERAM.
Papers received without the registration fees shall not be considered.