Colonialism, Post Colonialism and Beyond (a 2 days' UGC sponsored National Seminar)

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Ramananda College, Bishnupur, Bankura 722122
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Immediate abstracts not exceeding 350 words are solicited for participants at our UGC sponsored seminar to be held on the 27th and 28th of September , 2013 at Bishnupur, Bankura's Ramananda College. There are four main thrust areas: colonialism; postcolonialism and feminism and psychoanalysis and literature of the Raj. Accepted full papers will have to be with the organisers within 16th September, 2013. No TA will be paid to the participants and accommodation has to be arranged by the participants themselves. The organisers can send the list of hotels etc. in the sub-divisional town. The conference is being held in collaboration with the Bengali and Sanskrit departments of this college and "Bhara" college. The venue is Bishnupur, though. The abstracts should reach us by the fifth of September, 2013. There is a registration fee for the paper-presenters.

Topics include:

a) The posthuman abject body in a transcultural situation.

b) The third world polis and psychoanalysis.

c) Hardt and Negri's construction of the empire.

d) Literary texts and their colonial afterlives.

e) The baggage of the Raj in Indian literatures.

f) Giorgio Agamben's homo sacer within Indian literatures.

This is not an exhaustive list; but just a register of possible topics. Creativity and originality are preferred. Please contact and kindly put UGC National Seminar in the subject of your mail. Please add a brief bios to your paper-proposal. Thank you.