Editorial Board Members and Peer Reviewers Needed

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International Society for Heresy Studies -The Journal of Heresy Studies

The recently founded International Society for Heresy Studies is starting a new online journal tentatively titled The Journal of Heresy Studies. The journal will focus on interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed academic papers on the subjects of heresy, blasphemy and non-belief in contexts of literature, art, and culture. Current academic discussions of religion and faith often pass over these subjects or give them a confessional turn, a critical blind spot that this new publication aims to illuminate. The journal is currently looking for members of the editorial board as well as peer-reviewers who would be qualified to evaluate papers on these subjects, or whose scholarship is in the disciplines of literary studies (in any language or genre), art history, religious studies, secular studies, theology, history, philosophy, psychology, sociology, and humanism. Please send inquiries to Bernard Schweizer (schweizerb@yahoo.com), Geremy Carnes (geremyc@umich.edu), or Ed Simon (ens310@lehigh.edu). The Society plans to hold its first conference in the spring of 2014 in New York City. Those interested in the aims and history of the Society are welcome to refer to our website at http://heresystudies.org/.