ACLA 2014: Canon Formation, Markets of Latinidad and the Shifting Cultural Capital of US Latino Writers

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Elena Machado Sáez
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The goal of the seminar is to identify trends within the literary criticism of US Latino literature as well as produce alternative genealogies of the US Latino literary canon.

As a pan-ethnic and transnational category of literature, US Latino writing is comparative in scope, often intersecting with Latin American, Caribbean and other American ethnic literary traditions. The presentations will focus on tracing the shifting popularity of writers and/or genres of writing (poetry, fiction, drama, science fiction, chica lit, memoir, etc.) within the canon of US Latino literature. In the process, seminar discussions will address if and how processes of canon formation are indicative of the market and/or academia's valorization of certain aesthetics and routes of professionalization for creative writers. By historically contextualizing the values informing academic gatekeeping, the seminar aims to flesh out the ways in which US Latino writers reference market definitions of cultural capital in their work. Presentation submissions are welcome, particularly those that might engage with shifts in the reception of particular mainstream or non-canonical Latino/a writers, changes in the analysis of a genre of Latino literature, or trends within US Latino Studies theoretical frameworks applied to literature.

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