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Black Women’s Health Task Force at Tulane University

The mission of the Black Women's Health Task Force at Tulane University is to raise health awareness and increase knowledge of health-related issues and concerns that disproportionately impact black women and girls. The Black Women's Health Conference provides an annual forum for sharing, matching, and coordinating empirical evidence with praxis and experience to better understand and enrich health outcomes for black women and girls.

The theme of the 2nd Annual Black Women's Health Conference at Tulane University is Violence, Trauma, Resilience, Recovery: Factors in Black Women's Health. We particularly seek proposals that conceptualize, interrogate, deconstruct, and report on issues of violence, trauma, resilience, and recovery in both conventional and emerging public health, social, political, legal, and historical contexts relevant to black women's health and wellness, including: domestic violence, domestic violence recovery, intimate partner homicide, maternal homicide, victim support, rape, sexual assault, incest & sexual abuse, rape reporting, incest survival, workplace sexual harassment, trafficking in women & children, and hip hop culture & misogyny. We invite panel, poster, and individual paper submissions on a wide range of topics that may include but are not limited to the following:

Homicide Victimization Rates
Children & Homicide
Psychoemotional Trauma and Depression
Ex-Felon Re-Entry and Re-Integration Opportunities and Limitations
Sex Work, Crime, and Economics
Sex Trafficking, 21st Century Slavery, and Human Rights
Queering Hip Hop Misogyny
Rape, Spirituality, and Survival
Domestic and Workplace Violence
School Bullying, Violence, and Oppression
Legal Aid and Domestic Violence Outreach
Gender and Racial Logics of School-to-Prison Pipeline Performing Violence
Violence in Exhibition
HIV/AIDS and Partner Abuse
Black Women's Roles in Anti-Violence Social Movements and Activism
Literary Representations of Violence and Black Female Sexuality
Mental Health and Destructive Images of Black Womanhood in Popular Culture
Resilience Associated with Violence and Trauma
Breaking the Cycle of Intergenerational Abuse
Coping Strategies and Sexual Abuse Recovery
We encourage submissions in a variety of forms, including: traditional academic conference papers and posters as well as proposals for panels, workshops, and roundtables from academics, independent scholars, practitioners, artists, activists, and
community workers and organizers.
Submission Deadline is October 15, 2013.
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