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Zach Hutchins / Colorado State University

Call for Papers

What Have You Done for Me Philately?
New Perspectives on the Stamp Act

In anticipation of the two hundred fiftieth anniversary of the Stamp Act and its repeal, proposals that reconsider the broad cultural impact of this and other, associated acts of revenue legislation from the 1760s (such as the Sugar Act, the Townshend Acts, etc.) are sought for a panel at ASECS in 2014 and an edited collection of essays to be published in 2015. Oxford University Press has expressed interest in the collection, and I will be submitting a proposal to the press with chapter outlines in November 2013. Papers might address topics such as: the literary character of John Dickinson's Letters from a Farmer in Pennsylvania or other influential pamphlets; the role of ballads and other music forms in uniting continent-wide opposition to the acts; cartoons and other visual representations of the transatlantic debate over revenue and rights; the rhetorical strategies of Loyalist rebuttals to colonial rebellion; how the use of ritual and pageantry on occasions such as Pope Day influenced colonial modes of protest; the numerous sermons delivered by colonial clergymen denouncing the Stamp Act or celebrating its repeal; and transatlantic representations of colonial rebellion in London periodicals, as contrasted with those produced in America. Proposals on these or other, related topics are welcome.

Please send proposals of up to 500 words and a CV to Zach Hutchins ( by September 20, 2013. ASECS will hold its annual meeting March 20-22, 2014 in Williamsburg, VA; proposals should indicate whether the submitter wishes to be considered for both the panel and the volume of essays or only one of these forums. Complete drafts of accepted essays for the collection should run between 7,000 and 10,000 words and will be due on June 30, 2014.