[UPDATE]: Tasting Modernism Special Issue of Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities (Deadline: October 1)

full name / name of organization: 
J.Michelle Coghlan/the University of Manchester

_Resilience: A Journal of the Environmental Humanities_ invites short, original essays for its upcoming "Tasting Modernism" special issue. Based on the 2012 Modernist Studies Association panel of the same name, this issue aims to provide a forum to explore the spectacular nature of culinary modernism and to rethink Modernist food writing, broadly conceived.

In the past two decades, food matters have become an increasingly pressing site of cultural and environmental concern even as food studies have become a vital site of interdisciplinary critical inquiry. As the humanities have begun to take the ecology of eating seriously, scholars have recently turned their attention to the way that modernist writers, in particular, digested and experimented with the emerging global food politics of their day, even as a range of twentieth-century food writers adapted modernist techniques for their culinary designs. This issue thus encourages a broad range of questions about the relationship between at once food and modernism, but also between modernist forms and the aesthetics, politics, and science of modern food. How does literature archive or refashion contemporary anxieties about what and why we eat? In what ways might food essays, culinary manifestoes, and cookbooks reflect—or intervene in—wider debates on literary taste, cultural ideologies, and food politics? What does culinary experimentation or indigestion "taste" like and how does it pop up across a range of modernist forms, from little magazines and avant-garde film to experimental performance and hardboiled pulp? And what are the afterlives of modernist food—and modernist food writing—in contemporary American culture?

Possible topics include:
*Food and hunger in wartime and postwar fiction
*The cultural work of food in modernist pulp
*Edible (or indigestible) environments
*Radical uses of food/art
*Ethnic foodways
*Gustatory memory
*Spectacles of eating
*Food science and modern literature
*Culinary regionalism or nationalism
*Food anxiety
*Food production, cultivation, or consumption
*Culinary tourism
*Kitchen culture & postwar domesticity
*Molecular gastronomy & the afterlife of Modernist cuisine
*Postwar cookery and contemporary food blogs
*Edible experimentation and food activism

Submissions of 3000-4,000 words (including endnotes) should be submitted using our submission form along with a 300-word abstract and the other required information by October 1, 2013. Essays should be in Chicago Manual of Style (15th edition). All artwork should be saved separately in TIFF or JPEG format. Also, please be sure to delete your name and all identifying references in your manuscript. Queries and correspondence should be directed to the guest editor, Dr. J. Michelle Coghlan, University of Manchester (j.michelle.coghlan@manchester.ac.uk)