UPDATE: NeMLA 2014 CFP: "The Art of Reading: Theory, Practice, Pedagogy"

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Eden Wales Freedman
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Reminder: Please submit abstracts by September 31 for "The Art of Reading: Theory, Practice, Pedagogy" panel at NeMLA 2014 (April 2014).

In "The Art of Fiction," Toni Morrison differentiates between reading as a skill and reading as an art. The skill, Morrison writes, enables readers to "negotiate life with some measure of control." The art is a "different beast all together."

This panel explores the scope and substance of Morrison's "beast," by examining the diversity and divergence of readerly responses to literary texts. Papers should consider in their analyses the purpose and process of reading. Namely, what constitutes our reading experience as scholars, students, and teachers? What makes reading an "art;" what does the practice entail; and why does—or why should—it matter?

Possible paper topics include but are not limited to:
•Reception Studies and Reader Response Criticism
•The reader as artist
•Reading across disciplines and genres
•Reading constructs of race, gender, and sexuality
•Reading trauma in literature
•Reading texts outside the book: engaging with film, photography, theater, music, dance, etc.
•Reading as an ethical or social practice.
•Teaching active reading
•Reading student writing
•Teaching, reading, and writing the literacy narrative
•"Pleasure" reading: reading outside the academy

Please send abstracts of 250 words to Eden Wales Freedman (eef25@wildcats.unh.edu).

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