Cultural Studies Journal: Inaugural CFP (12/1/2013)

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Cultural Studies Program, George Mason University
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Call for Papers: Cultural Studies Journal

Savannah Fetterolf and Richard Todd Stafford, Editors

Submissions due: December 1, 2013

Technological change has accompanied shifts in the conditions of aesthetic production, circulation, and consumption in recent years; whether these changes herald a dramatic rupture in social, institutional, political, and economic life is, however, an open question. Moreover, the relationship between cultural and technological change continues to be a tendentious issue among scholars. Given this, the aim of the inaugural issue of the Cultural Studies Journal is to provoke interdisciplinary critical analysis of the relationships between cultural conditions, aesthetic practices, technological change, and structures of political and economic power.

In this issue, we seek to engage with questions concerning the relationships between technological change, the distribution of power, and cultural production, circulation, and consumption; for instance: How have specific technological changes conditioned or transformed the function of cultural production and/or consumption? Conversely, how have technological changes been conditioned by the emergence or persistence of aesthetic practices? What political economic or social conditions subtend this emergence or persistence? What political and social subjects are presupposed, interpellated, disciplined, or constituted through contemporary aesthetic practices? In what ways are artistic, textual, sonic, and performative anticipations or predictions of future technological changes imbricated with the power relationships that provide the conditions of possibility for their production? In what ways do such anticipation or predictions enable audiences to confront and/or participate in the power relationships that structure the scene of consumption? How do geographical and demographic differences affect the diffusion or adoption of particular technologies? How do these differences constrain or enable the emergence of new aesthetic practices? To what extent do the theoretical orientations of scholars and public intellectuals writing about technology, power, aesthetics, and culture re-inscribe or challenge problematic ideologies?What methodological challenges are posed to scholars by the emergence of new technologies of cultural production, circulation, and consumption?

Cultural Studies Journal is a graduate-run peer-reviewed journal published by students in the Cultural Studies PhD program at George Mason University, which can be found online at As an interdisciplinary journal, Cultural Studies Journal welcomes papers by emerging scholars in Anthropology, Literature, Media Studies, Communication, Sociology, History, Philosophy, Women and Gender Studies, Science and Technology Studies, Area Studies, African American Studies, and other disciplinary backgrounds. Articles may involve empirical research, analytical contributions based on established theory, or new theoretical interventions. Position pieces, research papers, and book reviews are welcome.

Submission will be accepted until 1 December 2013. For submission guidelines and information on the review process, please visit:

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