The Poesis of Peace, May 15 - 18, 2014

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Institute for Philosophical Studies, University of Primorska (Koper, Slovenia)

The Poesis of Peace 2014

Throughout history, sages, philosophers and theologians have searched for the proper measure to secure what in a most intimate sense could be described as »peace«. In search for this measure, and for a proper self-affection which could enable and host its enigmatic revelation, sometimes they were close to silence and wonder(s) of its ecstasy, sometimes they were relentlessly in search for the foundation – as formulated in the languages or discourses of Being, different hierarchies, or varied (but essentially identical) Gods. Theologians and philosophers too often regressed into dissent, conflict, even war. But within the ancient cosmologies there still was a distant, yet present sense of a nativity of peace, of a closeness to this ecstasy, which later was revealed only to rare poets, philosophers and theologians – among them Hölderlin, Heidegger, and in our times especially Irigaray and Caputo. In their works they all are in a search for new measure, for a different ontology, and somehow they all already have been thinking towards peace. Their thinking and poetry (or, poetic language) are thus sensitive to the cosmic order and nature's elements, and towards other traditions and cultures as well. Based on respect for nature, for sexuate difference, for future revelations and incarnations of Gods and Goddesses, and in a new spiritual sense co-breathing with heavenly, atmospheric and natural creatures, they all – with newly invented gestures – are thus celebrating peace. With this conference, we would like to enliven different languages and measures, as present in philosophies of the ancient world, as well as in modern thinking and the poetry of peace. Thus original contributions on the following topics(but not restricted to) are welcome:

• Ontologies of Peace and Reconciliation
• Ancient Cosmologies and Peace
• Hölderlin's Celebration of Peace
• Heidegger's Thinking Towards Peace
• Sharing in Difference Towards Peace in Irigaray
• Caputo and Peace Theology
• Gestures of Nonviolence and Religions
• Art, Aesthetics, and Peace
• Mysticism, Inner Peace, and Theologies of Peace
• Making Peace with the Land: Nature, Culture, and Agriculture
• Peace and Justice

Keynote addresses:
John D. Caputo and Kevin Hart
Programme Committee: John D. Caputo (Syracuse University), Kevin Hart (University of Virginia), Tamara Ditrich (University of Sydney), Arto Haapala (University of Helsinki), Emily Holmes (Christian Brothers University), Julie Kelso (Bond University), Carool Kersten (King's College London), Edouard Kovac (Institute Catholique Toulouse), Eduardo Mendieta (Stony Brook University), Vid Snoj (University of Ljubljana).

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